Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification

“ Project Management Certification “ the name itself implies that the certification is related to skills and experience in project management. It is not necessary that only a job seeker should acquire and take shade of certification. Even working and experienced professional can opt to acquire certification related to their field of work. It would help them in improving the skill and becoming valuable employee of the organization. An acquired certification in mid of their professional life would be an extra qualification and it shows your willingness to learn new things. Adding extra certification and acquiring more skills is very much necessary in a competitive world of business. An Employer or Manager has to show continuous progress in order to move higher in his/her career. Otherwise, the organization will not consider his/her as an asset to the organization. So your acquiring a standard and well known certification like Project Management certification would secure job and position at the organization you work. And a project management certification would also be a great asset if you are thinking to jump out of the organization you are presently working at. Anyhow you can jump to anther organization even without an extra certification but a project management certification would add on to your qualification and experience in your job search.

A few companies believe in hiring only certificated and professionally faultless employers. They lookout for professionals with project management certification so as to assure that there project are handled by the just right minds. They believe that personals with project management certification will be the right persons to apply the right methodologies in managing and working on the project.  If you want get into an organization with such high standards you will need a project management certification apart from having the eligible experience. In short a project management certification would be a proof of your experience, ability and skills in handling projects. You can acquire this certification at any time in your career once you have the eligible experience. Not only project management certification, any certification highlights your skills and abilities which would be an add-on to your status in organization you are working in.

Eligibility for project management certification:

It is not mandatory that only managers have to go for a project management certification, even employees who are interested in acquiring project management certification and has experience in handling project can also apply for project management certification. Anyhow project management would be beneficial for IT professionals in the field of software engineering or IT network engineering.  An employer or manager can practice and apply for project management certification at any time in his or her career accordingly. In order o apply for project management certification one must have 4500 hours of experience in project management. And this period of experience must and should include work related to all phases of the project. That is in this experience the candidate must have been worked with every phase in the project.

A project management certification is issued only by project management institutions. So you should not go for any fake institutes or processes that are not recognized. Project management institute conduct educational hours, meetings or seminars apart from the test which has to be qualified in order to obtain the certification. One who applied for the project management certification has to attend few class or seminars what are called Project Development Units (PDUs) as per Project Management Institute rules. You may think that just getting through the certification test will earn you the project management certification but it is not so. Even after the certification you will have to continue education for a maximum of three long years. After certification 60 hours of PDU education must be completed within the period of three years. If you fail to do so the certification that you have acquired will be cancelled and you will have to reapply and do the process all over again.

Content of project management certification education:

Project management certification is the best known certification for expertise in project management. Apart from letting you stand out in a group of effective employers acquiring a project management certification would improve your skills in managing the project. Project management certification is concerned of methodologies in managing the project and implementing the actions. A person acquiring a project management certification would improve his or her knowledge on different methodologies that can be applied in different phases of the project. The content of the project management certification course will deal with the following 6 categories:

1. Initializing the project

2. Planning the project

3. Executing the project

4. Controlling the project

5. Closing the project

6. Professional responsibilities

The Project Management Institute conducts seminar or meetings which will be considered as one hour of project development unit (PDU). Candidates wanting to acquire and maintain a project management certification have to participate in the PDU in one of the following ways.

  • Simply and the meeting
  • You can prepare a paper work and submit it at the seminar
  • You can participate in the meeting as one of the speaker

The Project Management Institute aims to make you aware of new and best methodologies in managing project. It is because success or failure of the project depends on the methodologies employed in handling it.

How much does the certification cost you…?

Speaking about the expenses of the Project Management Professional Certification, it is completely affordable. On the whole you will have to spend about $550 in this certification process. It might be a little in excess of expenditure for applicants who are financial not strong but you can’t ignore the fact that acquiring this certification would improve you are value and professional position at work. As you know “no pains no gains” so it would be a beneficial deal for your future. You can even get a discount of $150 it you own a membership card in the Project Management Institute. There are no free lunches in this world, you will have to pay an amount of $119 every year to continue the membership.