IT Project Management Certification

The IT project management certification is awarded to the project manager of the IT field. The programs is specially designed for the IT persons and keeping  in mind the knowledge and skills required by them, in comparison to the managerial certification the IT certification program concentrate on technical skills and knowledge of the software tools, the IT project management certification is designed to meet the project management needs of IT professionals and their organizations.

The IT project management certifications are generally awarded in the following areas of the organisations Project managers, Project leaders, Technical analysts, Functional heads, IT Directors.

Candidates for the certification program can be registered by the IT organisations as a part of development program, this is quiet common many of the organisations specially in the IT industry where there are latest software’s coming up and there are developments coming up almost every day most of the organisations arrange the IT programs for the employees to keep them up-todate with the knowledge and help them in performing their tasks well. The candidates can also enrol online by filling the formalities procedure and also enter the required programs and the details of it. the candidates will be provided with course material, articles and resources by the institutions.

IT project management certifications are generally awarded in grades the process of grading is done on the basis of how the candidates perform in the exam that is conducted at the end of the program after providing all the required knowledge. The grading process follows a simple four-point system to assess the level of competency. The grade is coupled with a recommendation for further action for the students. After completion of the exam the certification will be provided by the institute depending on the performance and the grade.

The candidate if required can appear for a re-examination after getting some additional training if required. There is no limitation in the number of times the candidates appear for the exam.

The candidates are expected to practice the concepts learnt in the it project management certification programs at their workplace and if it is necessary and recommended to get the certification revaluated and get it re certified after every three years this is important as the candidate can be in touch with the latest development and will also have the complete knowledge of the latest developments.

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